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Common Types of Construction Fraud

How a Construction Company Can Scam You

Knowledge is indeed power. Most homeowners are scammed because they do not know if they are being scammed. If you are planning to have a new property constructed or have the one that you have now improved, you have to make sure you are not going to be scammed by the construction company you are hiring. Here are some signs that you could be hiring a fraud:

High Material Cost

The best way to protect yourself in this kind of scenario is to get several estimates. You will see how much the materials really is by checking the estimates from the different companies. You will find common or almost the same prices. The ones with the higher cost could be a fraud. They can tell you they will be using better materials that are expensive. But if other companies think that the materials they will be using are good enough, there is no need to go for expensive materials. Some construction companies will opt for expensive materials because they have a different business with the manufacturer as well.

Low-Quality Materials

Do not be enticed with companies that give a very low estimate. Some companies do this just to get your business. You will realize later on that they are using low-quality materials. Check the manufacturers of the materials they use so you can know if they are reliable for your project.

High Labor Cost

A construction company can claim that they have the best people in town. You will know if this is real unless you see their work. Would you be willing to take the risk? Some companies will say they have these number of people to work on your construction project. But the moment the project starts, you will not find as many people as they claim they would.

Low-Quality Labor

Even if they have a normal labor cost, you should still check the people they are hiring. See to it they do not hire people who are not skilled and experienced. These people are paid with very cheap labor. Since they are not skilled, you might experience some problems during and after the construction.

To ensure you hire the right construction company, do a background check first. For your construction project, come to Rot Repair Master. Our clients in Everett, WA can verify how reliable our service is. Call us at (425) 345-5487 today.