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The Reputable Construction Company You Should Hire to Repair Rotten Wooden Structures

Properties made of wood will eventually rot. Unfortunately, over time, this affects the structural integrity of the entire property. While it can still be prevented, it is best that you avail professional dry rot repair service. If your property is in Everett, WA, hire only the ideal service provider that will promptly cater to all your property reconstruction and repair needs. Rot Repair Master is the company you should turn to in the area!

Trusted Dry Rot Wood Repair in Everett, WA

We are a renowned construction company that caters to repairing wooden structures that are currently decaying. Our team will assess your entire property and provide you the ideal solutions. Whether it’s a minor or serious case of dry rotting, we guarantee that we will do the reconstruction work needed for it promptly. That way, we help prevent the decaying parts from spreading and leaving greater damage.


Thorough Dry Rot Inspection

Before we decide to resort to reconstruction, we guarantee to extend our patience on spotting all the dry rot spots of any wooden structure that you own. Thoroughly and carefully, we will make sure we leave no spots unchecked. It is important that we find the main spot of decay so it would be easy for us to have the certain area repaired. At some point when it cannot be fully restored through our dry rot repair service, we can opt to have it reconstructed if you agree.


Why Choose Us

We are a construction team that’s experienced in the field. Not only are we experts in construction and repairing wooden structures from dry rot, we are also the team you should call for anything you might need in between. Perhaps roof repairs, siding replacement, or woodwork to go with your construction needs. We assure you that we can also do it!

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One leading construction company that you can always rely on in Everett, WA is Rot Repair Master. We are the team you’re looking for to professionally assist you in reconstructing and repairing buildings. Call us at (425) 345-5487 today!