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Dry Rot Wood Repair Specialists in Your Region!

Are you trying to find someone who can fix dry rot? In such a scenario, Rot Repair Master is the business you should choose. We are conveniently located in Everett, WA, and here are some further reasons to pick us for your dry rot wood repair job.

Wood must have three elements in order for dry rot to occur: moisture, wood, and fungal spores. Spores of fungi can be found wherever. It’s generally safe to say that rain and property owners don’t get along. One regrettable drawback is that it fosters the growth of dry rot. Property owners are aware that they may rely on my firm to restore it.

A fungus that consumes all of the healthy wood and makes it brittle is what causes dry rot. It will eventually disintegrate and rip apart. After that, the fungus goes on to wood that is healthier and continues to wreak havoc. If appropriate steps are not taken to stop dry rot once it has gotten inside your property, it will continue to spread. A relatively minor repair, if neglected, can grow swiftly into a major and expensive one. We’ll spare you the bigger hassle.

The conditions for dry rot to develop are wood and moisture, including moisture in the air. Although it can appear almost anywhere on your property, there are some places where dry rot is more common. These areas can include the walls, floors, and countertops of bathrooms and kitchens, as well as the deck boards, rails, and framing, the siding, the sills around doors and windows, the underside of roofs, the gutters, eaves, and flashing, the post, joists, and beams, and the attics and crawl spaces.

Are you trying to find a dependable and skilled dry rot wood repair business in Everett, WA? If you simply want high-quality results, Rot Repair Master is the one you should pick. Call us at (425) 345-5487 right away!