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What Is Dry Rot and How to Fight It Effectively

Can a Construction Company Help You Solve Your Issues with Dry Rot

Hello, members of the Everett, WA community! Today, we will dedicate our blog post to dry rot and more specifically how to get rid of it. In order to grow and flourish in your home dry rot needs a lot of moisture. So be extra cautious if your roof is leaking, your gutters are clogged and rainwater cannot drain properly from your roof, or if any pipe which is a part of your plumbing system is leaking. Call a construction company for an inspection before dry rot spreads around your home and the removal services become more expensive.

  • How does dry rot look?

If you notice red spore dust, crumbling timber, cotton wool-like cushions, or mushroom-like fruiting bodies, then it’s high time for you to contact a dry rot repair specialist. He will know how to save you from further issues and fix the damage already done.

  • What type of damage can dry rot cause?

Dry rot spores can germinate as soon as they have access to moisture. Just a small amount would do. If dry rot forms, a fluffy cotton-like fungus will form. This fungus can do serious harm to your property, especially to timber constructions because they can lose their structural integrity.

  • What is the lifecycle of the dry rot?

The first signs are tiny spores which may appear all over your house. When these spores grow with the help of moisture they produce fine white strands which allow the growth or dry rot. When they germinate they produce mycelium which starts searching for timber to attack. Once it succeeds a mushroom-like fruiting body appears. Unfortunately, that’s when homeowners notice that there is a problem and that’s already too late.

The deck builder Rot Repair Master should be the first company to call when you reach that stage. We will start working on the solution of the problem right away. We have repaired many local properties and know exactly how to approach dry rot issues. For more info regarding our services dial (425) 343-8559.